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Let the Journey Begin

Hey everyone, my name is Todd Graves from the great city of Ozark, MO. I am married to wonderful woman Suzanne and have

eight kids and three grandchildren. I am originally from Canada (Nova Scotia) but have been living in the United States for the past sixteen years. In my spare time I enjoy studying God's Word and spending time with my family, especially playing the game Life. I also coach two basketball teams that my boys play on.


The main purpose of this blog/site is to point people to Jesus and share about His wonderful grace, mercy, and love. I have been going through some unexpected health challenges in this past few years that God has been using to refine my relationship with Him. One of the purposes of

​​this site is to share with others that no matter how dark your circumstances may be you are not alone; God promises to never leave nor forsake us. In addition, this site will act as a diary of my journey and will be used as a reflection of God’s grace during this challenging but wonderful time.


There is no question that the past few years have transformed my life for the good. My relationship with my God has taken a 180 degree turn as well as my relationship with my wife and family. I look at life differently now and am so grateful for each day that God gives me. Speaking honestly, I am not sure that I would have ever made the changes in my life if God had not allowed me to go through this trial.



My prayer is that this site will help people no matter their situation or challenge. It is difficult when you get sudden news that you were not expecting or never thought was possible. But I want to tell you that there is hope that is greater than what you are going through -- and that Hope is Jesus!

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